Being designed to provide instantaneous communication 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, of failure(s) of servers & the network the earliest possible alert will be achieved (often within 25 seconds of an occurrence) thus enabling fast response by I.T on-call/duty staff to reboot / repair the system thus minimising down time to alert you.

Infact, warning of a failure that occurs outside of normal working hours can result in the fault being rectified before staff return to work - as though the failure had never happended.

With a substantial investment from the DTI,

Packs Infotel have developed a totally unique concept in computer network monitoring.  Nimrus monitors servers, printers, network integrity, hard discs status, P.Cs, temperature and automatically reports ‘out of limits’ information to duty personnel. Even though Nimrus utilises a CPU that is independent of the network and has its own inbuilt heartbeat for self checking, additional safeguards can be added to ensure that every eventuality is covered.

Many companies already supply software that can monitor computer network performance for example:-

Secure Internet server, Network Fax Server, Remote access Server, Web Server, E-mail Server, File print server etc...

However the problem with all the systems currently on the market is that they rely on a fully functioning Network P.C that acts as not only the monitoring computer, but as the communication device for sending SMTP messages, triggering pagers.

Nimrus communicates to all devices completely independent of the monitoring computer and network!

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