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Interrogation - The M30 can be interrogated by phone, mobile or PC from anywhere in the world.

8 duty rosters, each capable of holding 5 telephone numbers, that can be a mixture of Real speech calls to any type of telephone, pager, or even to our dedicated central station etc.

Call-back to cancel further calls being made that would inconvenience other members of staff.

On site siren/bells option where needed.

Emergency Roster - Where alternative staff would need to be called due to a specific alarm(s) i.e. Power, heating & ventilating.

Recycle after cancellation, where Nimrus has been cancelled from further dial outs and nobody has arrived to deal with the alarm(s) in a defined period of time.

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Telephone (+44) 1344 874114

Nimrus is capable of monitoring the telephone lines confinually via

Line Sensing

Remote Interrogation

Automatically via auto-polling